“Safety is a note struck out of a harmony called philanthropy. Ellenbarrie has always nurtured this belief and has continuously strived to foster the culture of a safe working atmosphere.

The goal of “Absolute Zero” has been the so strongly imbibed within the organization, that safety has always been the first talk of any discussion. Safety has been the life line of Ellenbarrie’s synergy with its employees and in a broader sense, their near and dear ones.

Widening the domain beyond its horizon, Ellenbarrie has also endeavoured to establish itself as a customer friendly organization and a strong safety culture that the company possesses has only further cemented this vision. Conducting Safety awareness programs for our customers, vendors and end users have always been a passion with Ellenbarrie and we feel proud to consider ourselves a paragon of this virtue.

We would consider ourselves to have served the society even if one precious life is benefitted by the contents posted here.

This safety website of Ellenbarrie is hence dedicated to all readers who view this website, not only with an aim to promote growth and harmony within the society but also to make our planet a place that we would be proud to hand over to our progeny.”