Air Separation Plants

The Plant

Air separation process starts with compression, followed by drying and purification of Air. Additional compression (followed by expansion) may be included to produce large amounts of refrigeration to deliver some portion of the Air separation unit (ASU) products in liquid form. Electric motors are used to drive the compression equipment, power is also required for process heaters, Instrumentation systems and Cooling Water Systems. Electrical power is just as much a raw material as air when manufacturing atmospheric industrial gas products.

Cost of electricity is the largest single operating cost incurred in air separation plants.

Products can be transferred to customers in either of the three modes – (1) Direct pipeline supply of gases, (2) From on-site storage tanks topped up with “bulk liquid” thru’ trailers, (3) Compressed gases in cylinders.

Our Background

We operated Air Separation Plants since 1973 and gradually grew up today as the largest merchant market share holder in Eastern India. Decades back, we aligned ourselves with Global Technological transformation from Classical plants to power efficient Tonnage Plants and continuously remained upgraded with International norms. In 2013 Air Water Inc., a major player in Japan acquired 51% of our market share. Since inception in 1929, AW Inc. have credibility record of designing and setting up exceeding 120 ASUs of various sizes and different product configurations. Thus, today it is the combined skills that has further increased the strength and ability.

Our Clients

Our Plants are preface of our intent to serve Industrial sector as well as social sector with equal importance and privilege. Industrial Gases (Oxygen, Nitrogen & Argon) produced from these Plants support following market segments –

A) Industrial Sectors – Steel, Other Metals (Copper & Lead), Refinery, Glass, Coal gasification, Ship building, Automobiles, Fabrication, Semiconductor.
B) Chemical Sectors – Manufacturing Chemicals (Ammonia, precursor to PVC), Waste water Treatment, Pharmaceutical, Fertilizer.
C) Medical Sectors – Hospital application, Medical equipment.
D) Energy Sectors – Power Plants,
E) Food Sectors – Food Freezing, Blanketing, Controlled Atmosphere Storage, Modified Atmosphere Packaging, Fermentation.

What do we offer

We are passionate for totality of Customer satisfaction. Our activity starts with working closely with the Customer to device the most effective way to improve their process and cater for needs, whether explicit or implicit. To formulate the best solution, data base of AW Group’s rich archive is accessible for us.

During execution, safety and quality are the two major attributes that we concentrate on. Various safety features are inculcated and reviewed at different stages – (1) Process safety thru’ Hazop study, (2) Design safety thru’ design review, (3) Procurement thru’ stringent quality control, (4) Construction safety thru’ strict guidelines & regular safety audit, (5) Operation safety thru’ Pre-Commissioning review.

Our role of post Commissioning services begin immediately after hand over. Our after sales team remain on their toes to reach the Customer at call.

Our Focus

From inception of any requirement, we keep constant watch on,

  • Process selection – Low CAPEX/OPEX.
  • Selection of highly reliable components with proven track record.
  • Advanced control philosophy with redundancy for uninterrupted production.
  • Reliability of products (exceeding minimum guaranteed quantity) – Technical, Quality, Quantity, Instantaneous availability on demand.
  • User friendliness – Easy operation, minimum maintenance.

Combined skill sets with parent Organisation and access to the latest Technology thru’ AW Group of Companies, have allowed EIGL to acquire sufficient strength and flexibility to efficiently cater for Customer needs.

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