Special Gases


  • Offers a complete range of Pure and Speciality gases to our existing customers as well as new customers.
  • Establish Ellenbarrie as , “One Stop Solution for Gases”.


Target Industry : Steel , Medicine ,Cement,Petrochemicals,Laboratories,Semi conductor and Glass Industry,Medical Application , Laser Application ,Lighting Industry.

  • Steel : P10 ( 10% Methane in Argon),Reduction Gases for Metallurgy,CO.
  • Pharma : Boron Trifluoride,UHP grade Methyl Bromide,ISO Butylene,Butane,Propane,HCL,Carbonyl Sulphide.
  • Cement : P5( 5% Methane in Argon),05-10% O2 in N2,10% Methane in Argon (P10),Zero Grade Nitrogen, Ultra High Pure N2,CH4,CO .
  • Laboratories : Helium, Neon etc
  • Medical application : Respiratory gas,Gas Mixture,NO Bal NO2 Mixture
  • Laser Application : Gas Mixture for CO2 Lasers , Marking Lasers , O2/He Mixture
  • Semiconductor and Glass Industry : Silane Gas Mixture
  • Lighting Industry : Krypton in Argon,Neon in Argon,Pure Krypton,Pure Neon

Market Potential

Industry Type Name of the Gas
Steel P10 ( 10% Methane in Argon)
Pharma Boron Trifluoride
Cement P5 ( 5% Methane in Argon)
0-10% O2 in N2
P10 ( 10% Methane in Argon)
Zero Grade N2
Ultra High Pure N2
Laboratories Helium
Other Pure Gases
Medical Application NO Bal No2 Mixture
Lasers (O2/ He Mixture)
Laser Application Krypton in Argon
Semiconductor and Glass Industry Neon in Argon
Lighting Industry Neon in Argon