• IQF1

    IQF Tunnel Freezer in operation
  • IQF2

    Prawns on the IQF Tunnel conveyor belt
  • IQF3

    Prawns after freezing with Liquid Nitrogen sliding into the container
  • IQF4

    Prawns being slid into Glazer

IQF Tunnel Freezing

There are several ways of freezing food products. Several freezing techniques are being commercially used all over the world. One of the latest and most advanced technique of Food Freezing is IQF freezing i.e. Individual Quick Freezing by Liquid Nitrogen (IQF by LIN)

Individual Quick freezing (IQF) with direct contact with Liquid Nitrogen (LIN) represent a modern freezing technique for small size food e.g.

  • Shrimp / Prawn / Fish fillet / Poultry Meat / Fruit-blackberries/ strawberries/ raspberries / green peas/ asparagus / mushroom etc.

Advantages of IQF with Liquid Nitrogen are

  • • Low freezing time
  • Low dehydration loss
  • • High food quality
  • Maximum nutritional value
  • Efficient freezing –Accurate freezing
  • High Productivity-Faster Freezing
  • Less space, less Manpower
  • Easy to Operate


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