• oxyfuel1

    Oxygen injection to Furnace via AV Coil from Liquid Oxygen Tanker.
  • oxyfuel2

    Oxygen being injected into Rotary Furnace

Oxyfuel for lead

Air-Oxy-Fuel combustion in Secondary Lead recycling process :- Combustion is the chemical reaction between fuel and oxygen. When the oxygen concentration is raised above the 20.9% present in air, the air is said to be oxygen-enriched. In lead recycling in rotary furnace applications, reducing the amount of inert nitrogen gas flowing through the combustion process which makes the process more thermally efficient, since less energy is wasted to heat the nitrogen, which is emitted through the stack.

Advantages of Oxygen addition:

  • Production increases by 30-35 %
  • Substantial saving in Furnace oil
  • Reduction in fuel gas volume.
  • Oxygen enrichment increases thermal efficiency
  • Increases production rates without costly addition of additional Furnace.

Most industrial rotary furnaces that use oxygen or oxygen enriched air use liquid Oxygen to increase the oxygen concentration in the combustion air. Oxygen is blended with Air and used with Furnace oil and forced through the burner nozzle inside the combustion chamber of Rotary Furnace.


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