A snow horn is a device for producing CO2 Dry Ice snow from Liquid CO2 , as and when required and in as much quantity is required. Its design is having a concentric gas venting system formed integrally therewith. The snow horn is utilized for producing solid CO2 particles from CO2 in its liquid form. The device has a downwardly directed skirt with a cylindrical, or preferably, a truncated, conically tapered shape made of stainless steel which is open at its diameter end. Smaller diameter end of the skirt is fabricated with the outer conically shaped skirt and an nozzle is mounted at the radial center of the head for allowing the expansion of the liquid CO2 inside the head and skirt. The expansion of liquid CO2 in a so-called snow horn for the purpose of producing solid CO2 particles is a well-known practice. Such particles or snowflakes are generally used as a consumable refrigerant, being allowed to fall by gravity upon a product e,g meat, fish, vegetables, ice-cream, delicatessen, and other perishables, where they dissipate and exchange thermal energy with the product so as to cool it. The video demonstrates a snow horn trial process for a prominent agro products firm.


EIGL supplies industrial and welding gases to many industries across eastern and south India, and even overseas.

The industries we provide to touch all our lives, we know our customers’ expectations and urgencies and therefore to meet the customers’ needs, Ellenbarrie maintains one of the largest distribution network dedicated for 24X7 services.


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