Our Management

NORIO SHIBUYA (JT. Managing Director) :

Norio Shibuya started his career with Hoxan Corporation (Now Air Water Inc)in 1985. He had since then held many positions of responsibility which included General Manager – Executive Office, Executive Director & General Manager of Finance & Administration of Daido Air Products (a Joint Venture of AWI & Air Products & Chemicals Inc.). Apart from being the Managing Director of Ellenbarrie Industrial Gases Ltd. (A group Company of AWI), Mr Shibuya holds of the portfolio of General Manager- Administration of AWI.

SHANTI PRASAD AGARWALA (Founder & Director) :

Shanti Prasad Agarwala a seasoned entrepreneur with a multitude of experience in the Indian Industries, Mr Agarwala had conceived the Company Ellenbarie Industrial Gases Ltd in the year 1976. He had since then expanded the Company and enabled it to make its mark in the national forum. Apart from Ellenbarrie Industrial Gases, Mr Agarwala is engaged in the business of tea and galvanized iron sheets.

PADAM AGARWALA (Managing Director):

Padam Agarwala has been associated with this Company right from its inception. Has built the blocks of the Company and has in-depth knowledge on the nuances of the industry. His dexterity and competence lies in the trust that ELLENBARRIE has created in minds of both stakeholders and customers. It is with Mr Agarwala’s initiative that Ellenbarrie today has set its foot in the international arena to compete with other international gas players.

VARUN AGARWAL (Executive Director):

Varun Agarwal has joined the organization in 2009 after his stint in a renowned company in the financial industry. Being an economics graduate from London School of Economics coupled with a post graduate degree from Cambridge University, Varun is all set to give a strategic direction to the Company with the support of the Japanese partners Air Water Incorporation.


Kensuke Yamamoto is an Economics graduate from Tokyo University. He has worked for Ministry of International Trade & Industry for 26 years and as an Executive officer of Nippon Steel & Sumikin Bussan Corp. for 5 years. He is currently an Executive Director of Air Water Inc. Japan heading the Corporate Planning, Overseas Affairs office and energy related business division.


Ryosuke Matsubayashi with a graduation degree from Kyoto Institute Of Technology, The Faculty Of Science, he also holds position as the General Manager, Engineering Division Of Industrial Company, Air Water Inc. Group.

SWAPAN KUMAR BHOWMIK (Independent Director):

Mr. Swapan Kumar Bhowmik has headed Haldia Petrochemicals Limited as Managing Director for 6 years. He has been appointed as an Independent Director in the company with effect from 1st May, 2014 to bring in more experience and knowledge and to steer the Company into right path.

MANAS KUMAR DUTTA (Independent Director):

Mr. Manas Kumar Dutta is a Chartered Accountant in whole time practice. He has an experience of more than 40 years as a Chartered Accountant and has been associated with EIGL since 2006. He has been continuously guiding EIGL with his knowledge and guidance in financial matter.