Our Company is a PEOPLE driven organization and it believes that our PEOPLE are our biggest asset. It is therefore our constant endeavour to look out for people who have within them the 3 P’s: PASSION; PRODUCTIVITY AND POTENTIAL.

Being an Indo-Japanese Organization we look to make the best use of our recruits. We try to give our people a good work-life balance. As employers, we also try to make our workplace harmonious by selecting people from different walks of life; different cultures and different age groups. We believe that experience and enthusiasm goes hand in hand and therefore irrespective of age, hierarchy and experience every person has something to contribute, as well as something learn. Therefore we welcome fresh minds with as much enthusiasm as we welcome experienced hands. We offer both sets of people an atmosphere to grow and thrive.

If you have the 3 P’s within you and you are in the lookout for a career where you can learn, develop and thrive in challenging circumstances then Ellenbarrie is the place for you.

You know what is flight? Asked God. “Yes my Lord" answered the slave. "A flight is what the sparrow has; a flight is what the eagle has” God smiled and said, “Here you go again you poor slave, this is a mistake; there is lot of difference between the flight of the sparrow and that of an eagle. One flies for existence and the other for sheer passion.” We welcome all to join the Eagle’s flight at Ellenbarrie.

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